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At Towson Endodontic Associates, we have committed ourselves to providing a level of care that exceeds excellent dental treatment. As endodontists, we provide specialized treatment in conjunction with your primary care dentist. 


A successful treatment plan requires close coordination between the specialist and the primary care dentist during both pre and post procedure. To ensure the proper level of treatment and coordination we follow a 3-point system. We understand that patients are in discomfort and need to have their procedure completed expeditiously. Our schedule is designed to accommodate emergency appointments. In most situations, we are able to see patients the same day they are referred to us.


All endodontists are equipped to deal with discomfort. We are unique in our practice as we will educate the patient in their treatment, taking as much time as needed for the patient to understand their options, the specifics of their treatment and how this fits into their overall treatment plan. It has always been our experience that an informed patient will experience less stress. Immediately following the completion of the endodontic procedure, we explain to the patient that although the discomfort will subside, they will require a follow up appointment with their primary care dentist to proceed with the final restoration of their tooth. We will provide a copy of the treatment records to the primary care dentist identifying what procedures were performed and when the treatment was completed.  Every patient is encouraged to have a 6 month recall appointment to follow-up on their care at our office.


Towson Endodontic Associates was founded in 1985 and is staffed by Brenda K. Richardson, D.D.S. and Peter Lucas, D.D.S.. The office is supported by 2 clinical assistants and 2 administrative personnel. Towson Endodontic Associates operates a 3,000 square-foot state of the art facility that was completely renovated in 2006. The facility includes 5 patient treatment rooms, each equipped with digital radiography and surgical microscopes.

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