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Post-Root Canal Care Instructions

After Your First Treatment

Endodontic treatment can often be performed in one or two visits. After your first visit, it is possible that your tooth will be sore for a few days. There is no cause for alarm since this is a perfectly normal reaction. Any over-the-counter medication should be adequate to control your discomfort. Should you experience swelling or excessive pain, please contact the office. Discomfort following treatment in no way affects the successful outcome of this procedure. 


It is normal for a thin layer of the temporary restoration to be worn away between appointments. We suggest that you try to avoid chewing on this tooth until the root canal treatment has been completed. You can brush your teeth normally; the temporary filling will not be affected. Should the filling come out, or if you are in doubt, call the office. Following completion of the root canal, you will have to return to your regular dentist for a permanent restoration.


After Your Root Canal Therapy Has Been Completed

You may experience some discomfort for the next few days. This is a common occurrence and if necessary, you can take any over-the-counter pain medication as directed to quiet the tooth.


The opening that was made in your tooth to do the root canal has been sealed with a temporary filling. Please arrange to see your family dentist within the next few weeks to have your tooth permanently restored.


Usually the teeth that require root canal treatment have been weakened by previous decay and large fillings. It is often necessary for this tooth to receive additional protection by restoring it with a crown (cap). Your family dentist is best qualified to determine that ideal restoration for your tooth. Discuss the alternatives with him or her.


A summary of your treatment and an x-ray of the completed root canal will be sent to your dentist. We would like you to return to our office periodically for a check-up to be sure the tissues around the tooth have healed properly. There is no charge for this check-up visit.


If you have any questions or difficulty with your tooth, please call us at any time.

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