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Apicoectomy: Pre-Surgical Instructions

  • Please schedule your appointment on a day that you will be able to take off for the rest of the day.

  • If you take any blood thinners daily such as ASPIRIN, COUMADIN, HEPARIN, IBUPROFEN, MOTRIN, ALEVE, ETC… you must consult with your physician at least seven (7) days before your surgery and advise Dr. Lucas or Dr. Richardson of that conversation. We usually recommend ceasing these medications several days prior to surgery.

  • Do not have any alcohol five (5) days before surgery or two (2) days after surgery.

  • If you are a patient who requires PRE-MEDICATION with ANTIBIOTICS, please remember to take this at the prescribed time and dosage before your appointment. You will also need to do this before your suture removal, if suture removal is needed. You will not need to do this for a three week post-surgical checkup.

  • If your physician has you pre-medicated with Valium, you must have someone drive you to your appointment and drive you home afterwards.

  • You may eat/drink normally before your appointment, and we encourage you to do so.

  • We suggest you have approximately 6 oz. of pineapple of juice or 3 slices of pineapple per day for 3 days prior to surgery to help reduce swelling and bruising. If you have an allergy to pineapple, please disregard this instruction.

  • At the time of the surgery, a tissue sample may be removed and sent to a pathologist for evaluation for which you will be billed separately by the pathologist.

  • After your procedure, we will fully explain the post-operative instructions to you. Some items to have on hand at home are:

    • Ice bag or frozen bag of peas or corn

    • Pineapple juice or slices

    • Various soft foods (non-spicy)


As always, if you have any questions regarding these instructions or your treatment, please give us a call.

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